Tuesday, June 15, 2010

QuALity Jeans 4 Ladie$

pre love 010

it's a new boot cut jeans from Gap!!! bought in the Uk, thought to give to my sissy as a present,but she's getting 'sizer' than she was..size 6 stated.. true colour is not like in the picture, its really new and beautiful!!

of course i bought it at a very high price, but since I never it, ill sell it at rm 30..reasonable rite?

pre love 011

-back view-

-front view-

this is a used Gap jeans original...but still, yeah still in tip top condition...
size 12. carpenter GAP..
stated for kids, tp kat sana,kids dia besar2..so,muat jugak tuk dewasa..hik2
pinggang dia sgt convenient, ada getah..
ive lot of jeans,so want to let go this lovely one 1st...

for only

RM 25!!

pre love 012
swap with eisya ..tq!!

this is a skirt, made from jeans too...but not from GAP ya..hehe
wear once-twice times only..
sgt2 cantik..
i bet u will like this skirt very much..
dia bergetah
long : 96 cm
can suit M size
RM 15 ONLY!!!

got 2 small pockets in front

pre love 013

A very nice jubah bought from meqah last year..used by my little sister a few times there..kat M'sia,da x gune da..
kain jenis jeans yg lembut and x panas..can be use to go to lecture or office..simple but yet sgt sopan=)

panjang : 113 cm
pit to pit :46 cm
size : 10

suit to S- M

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